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Raise a Family

My dream is for our country's leaders to look out for the interest of our citizens. The American people need employment, the right to equality, justice, the opportunity to provide for themselves...

A dream of mine is to bring all of my family together. Every family reunion I hope we grow closer together. Our family does not speak much to each other. I hope we can become more social..

My mom to win the Lotterry

I have a dream that my two children (Joshua, Ariel) will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. [Mom]

is true happiness and peace of mind!! Good health for me and my family! :)

I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

For my children, Husband fancy and community to be healthy, happy and safe - Shene

My dream is to keep my grades good. To alway have peaceful poeple around me. To keep my familys alway close. I also want to alway be HAPPY!

My dreams are to be able to provide a better future for my daughter, prosperity, world peace and non-corrupt government.

For Austin, Moriati, and Naomi reach their full potential and continue to make their Aunty proud! Change the world!

To become wife and mother. To create an environment of love and understanding. Great pro: 31 in my life.

for everyone to be able to afford healthcare \, school and take care of their families comfortably. Also to help those in Haiti Camryn

Shelby- I want to live in a lovely house with a husband and two kids. And have a good life. And a good job.

that people begin to respect one another and care about one another that all children are provided with a quality education. No more poverty!

My dream is to become a strong beautiful smart lady & to also accomplish my golds .

To become a better mother to my son and to finish my doctoral program on time in 2014

My dream is that my children will turn the corner and get started on their adult lives. That they will take advantage of opportunities presented to them and achieve success in their lives, in...

My dream is for my children to be able to live their dream.

to see all my grandchildren graduate college