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To help children and families make changes in their lives to have a healthy home environment. To provide this help without judgement but with care and unconditional love.

That my 2 sons will be able to receive a higher Education than I did [Curtis]

My dream is to take of my family have a good life and just stay positive and just enjoy life -Joe

To have an amazing carrer to help people in need and my family -J.T.

My dream is to make a legacy out of my grandmother and to give a awesome life to my Mother who went through a lot in her life, and to put us where we are today, I love her and my grandmother

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.

to live in a world where people fight for love rather than power

To open my business and the Best Health for my family [illegible]

For understanding and kindness to spread as a better way of thinking. To be an example of a good man for my friends and family.

My daughter;s successful music career and place and love in the world

To see all children excel to their fullest potential regardless of economic background and circumstance.

My Dream is to be a sucessuful business person, investor and to provide a sucessful future for my family

To help my mom feel better and get us in a new home and put homeless people in a home. -Genesis 1/16/12

I have a dream that all people will get housing and medical care and be treated fairly.

Mrs. Mr. Glover Too We sing my Two 2 Little Childres up for the School of M.L King Middle school two Beautful Girl's Aficar Chucrch, cheer, sing, Dance Read, writte, Play mucies, run, Jump,...

To make it into my top choices for specialized high schools, to see my dad at least once every year, to make new friends but keep the old, and to have a positive outlook on life.

My dream is to have our Children and county safe from violence. To feel free live without govement restrictions and prosper by hard work and dedication.

the whole world come together and lov one and other

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

For my daughter to be proud of who she is and for the world to be supportive of her aspirations.