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Dreams: Environment

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My dream is to publish two of my novellas this year! I would also like to wish for peace and improved economic and environmental conditions throughout the world.

My dream is to stop people from wasteing alot of water and not even caring.My ideas are that people can take shorter showers, People get dish washers so all the water they save with a dish washer can ...

I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment...

My dream is no more killing wild animals.

I Have A Dream That One Day Everyone Would Come Together And Help Clean The Environment. Christopher

For the world to accept their flaws and try to enhance the beauty of the earth. GO GREEN!

I have a dream of respect, social justice, and equality for all people from all nations...

My dream is too keep the enviroment clean.

I have a dream that I will one day help to better the human race

I have a dream that all, humans, animals and every being on earth are treated equally and with respect!

To be president of the U.S.A. Fashion designer and stop pallution and recycles everything that is our trash.

"I have a Dream that one dayall living creatures are treated as equals and we humans become responsible for all natural resources in this beautiful planet we call home" I HAVE A DREAM...

I have a dream that in the future we will have a better, taken care of, world with no fighting or polution.

My dream is one day people of different ethnic, cultures, and languages of mankind will live peaceful in America and in the whole world.

I am a graphic designer. I also am seeking a world of peace and harmony with humans and nature...

To leave a legacy for my children to utilize the gifts and talents that they were blessed with from God to serve others & make a difference in their communities & family.

My dream is for pollution to decrease so the polar ice caps don't melt and so our world is a better, healthier place.

that we will love: ourselves, each other, our environment, and out lifestyles and live each day in a caring way.

my dream is that global warming will stop and that the war will be over.

I have a dream that one day I will be able to help a community improve their environment.