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Dreams: Education

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For our children not to experience the prejudices of our own country. This can only happen by way of education. Cultural education should be a requirement from elementary - higher education.

My dream is that Republicans and Democrats can put aside political differences to work TOGETHER for the good of our nation...

to see all my grandchildren graduate college

My dream is for all people to be equal and love one another with the love of Jesus

To grow up and be a educated woman. To love others as they love me [Aerieal]

My dream is to become a Doctor and graduate. College from getting my P.H.D. M.D.

Humanistic education for everyone. Excellent health and mental health for everyone. An actualized global commitment to peace and prosperity for everyone.

To be able to truly impact youth and guide them to success. That success will include them going to college and learning skills that will enable them to actively create and live their own dreams.

to improve the educational resources & institutions for students of color so that we may become better educated & better equipped to live out our dreams and those of our ancestors.

to go to college in Florida and become a pediatrician. Breunna

That I will be a really good student. All the time. Also to get a degree.

My dream lies in the advancement of others' dreams. My mind, body, and spirit will not rest until the future, our youth, have dreams that are not in jeopardy of being fulfilled...

Open a language center and bookstore

to Be a model a teacher and a doctor. Jade

To be able to look back on the decisions I've made in my life and unequivocably be able to say that I made a positive contributions In education reform, the criminal justice system and in the liv...

Access to a high quality education for all students [Beverly]

My dream is to see Redirected Community & Supportive services with a 5 million dollar budget helping many people with homelesness, education counseling services a mentoring sell and buy million do...

I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment...

I hope to instill in my students a desire to learn and a drive to succeed.

I want to find a way to bring positive change to the world, specifically through education reform