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Dreams: Education

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Peace and justice and equality. Children to be love and educated. Prosperity for all in our nation

for everybody to be accepted and respected as they are, all over the world

Learning Center will continue to educate students for years to come

to inspire, educate, empower and promote intellectual & personal development among black youth

My Dream is for there to be a great awakening of the souls of our people young and old. For the return of righteousness to be the glory that it is...

I have a dream that everyone will get to go to school and get the education they need. I have a dream that everyone will have a good future. _ chaan ;)

Every child shall be well educated to their full potential.

Open a language center and bookstore

is to have a good education so I can make the world a better place for the children come under me

I will like to, get strait A's and B's

to work as an advocate for educational equity and to do all that I can to ensure that our nations public schools are presenting every child with the opportunity to succeed.

To educate and mentor every individual who crosses my path and assist them in reaching their fullest potential

to have wonderful chilgren

earn my PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology by 2014

My dream is to be business man and become a millionaire who is successful in life.

I think Dr. King would be proud of what my wife is doing to share the DREAM with children. D)ecide, R)each, E)mbrace, A)chieve and M)ove. To lear more:

My dream for the country is that every child in America goes to a good school.

My dream is for all of the children in the world to have access to an education...

I have a dream where everyone is free from the slavery of greed, religion, wealth and power: where nobody is allowed to control or affect the life chances of anyone except themself, but we all help ea...

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]