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I have a dream that One day soon Equality 101 will be taught in every school around the world, and not only will this self-evident truth reunite the wholeness of mankind, more importantly, mankind...

To be able to truly impact youth and guide them to success. That success will include them going to college and learning skills that will enable them to actively create and live their own dreams.

to finish school & to be the first one in my generation to finish college. also to be a great responsible parent to my daughter :)

My dream is to finish shool and get a good job.I would like to become a doctor.In life I would love to travel around the world and visit diffrent places.I love my friends and family and would try to...

I want peace in the world and end violence and give every child a education. And give them food.

My dream is that there will be an end to poverty and everyone will have good housing and excellent educational opportunities.

To live & love my future wife & family how God wants me to. To Graduate college & be a positive influence to young males.

Learning Center will continue to educate students for years to come

for children to be safe in school.

earn my PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology by 2014

My dream is that Republicans and Democrats can put aside political differences to work TOGETHER for the good of our nation. Put the energy used to fight one another into synergy for the greater good...

to help Africa with their education!

to graduate from Virginia Union with honors. Upon graduating, attending medical school to obtain a medical degree :)

to graduate high school and college :)

I hope to see a day when all people have the audacity and confidence to fulfill their dreams. Let's make education free so we all have the opportunity to better ourselves and society...

Mothers to have every opportunity to teach their children [Chloe]

To become a better person, finish my education, and to one day be very successful. Also, staying positive!

i have a dream that every one in america would get a education a aresonable cost

to be an effective tool in teaching my grandchildren about the heritage of our family that has been passed from generation to generation.

that i will go to collage