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Dreams: Career Goals

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My dream is to become an international lawyer.

To continue the work of God and go out into all the world and preach the gospel. To continue writing books and plays, as well as recording life changing songs to our Nation. Evang. Johnson

To be a philanthropist and build a business empire to support my philanthropic endeavors. [Amari]

I dream to become professional football player. Jaylin

My dream is to become a famous actress and raise money for cancer and diabetes and other desises. If we deserve the chance to live healthy and safe life, why can't we all?

To get my BA degree and to become a Director of a Budget Department

Is to become an actress and have four children with an husband and to have millions of dollars.

I dream that I dream that one day I will make All A's through out school and have a sport scolarship and become a docter who can help everybody in need.Or a veternarian who can save every animal ...

to build bigger, and bettrer houses for families with low income.

Is to become a doctor and help everyone. Kaysan

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

My dream is to be a successful health care professional.

My dream is for every person to grow up with the opportunity to get a good education that could help them find a career.

My dream is a successful criminal justice career, and a prosperous life [Kayla]

I want to be the president when grow up [Stephania]

to always live by my 5'es of expansion Expose Explore Experiment Experience Expandi -Octavia

I dream about being a teacher.

That we all have dream and aspire to achieve them and are supported in a achieving our dreams.

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To help provide for my family and become a professional B-Ball Player. [Royale]