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My dream is to have my own personal care facility for kids with special needs [Monica]

My dream for the community is that everyone is hard- working and does their fair share of work. That way there would be less spatial inequality.

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

My dream is to become Network Engineer for an IT company and live the rest of my life in Joy and success. Matt

My dream is to be an Obstetrician and do medical research [Huntington's disease]...

to become a world famous graphic designer

My dream is to have the government invest in Real education for all its citizens. Education should NOT be a privilege.

to Be a nurse and to help.

To become a CEO of a major company.

My dream is to be more open and aware of my past and people that made a way for me to live today.

my dream is to be an artist that paint out his or her emotions.To be rich with money by selling my most famous paintings

to do what I want in my life, as far as my career.

To become the number one lawyer in my law firm by the age of 30/.

To be the best deacon in my church, to be a god husband to my wife, a great father to my children, and to walk in God's Devine Favor as His servant. Deacon Thomas...

the end of racism and sexism in the world, so that each person can realize their full potential

To be a singer all across the world.

I have a dream to graduate college and become a pediatric nurse at a children's hospital...

Zachary - Becoming an astronaut that visits any planet or moon!

My dream is to become something great when i grow up.

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.