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Dreams: Career Goals

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My dream is to provide assistance, support, and referral to special needs students and families in order to help them received the necessary resources to dream and realize their dreams.

My dream is to grow up and become a football player.

One day all Americans will live the American Dream!

My dream is to be a professional baseball player.

My dream is to be the best teacher possible and to teach students of all races to be the best no matter what. I dream to inform my own children about their history. [Victoria]

i dream about having a good house, a great car, travel a lot, meet lots of people and having kids.

I want to be a famous swimming Olympian.I also want to raise a caring family.I also want to participate in my first Earth Day to create a good earth.

Is to be able to be independent and help as many others achieve that as possible. I dont want people to be held back by anything.

To graduate in Fall 2014 with an excellent job doing something I love.

is to become the most successful entrepreneur in history and change the world with my creative mind!! :)

Zachary - Becoming an astronaut that visits any planet or moon!

My dream is that my children will turn the corner and get started on their adult lives...

to fight for my country the United States of America [Bryson]

To continue to be of service to youth and community- To continue to educate, demonstrate and participate in "Making a difference"

My dream is to be a doctor when I grow up and live a successful life. Arianna

to excell in my education and enjoy a carrer in chemistry. I want to make my parents proud and someday make a difference in this world.

I want to become a doctor [Taylor]

My dream get the best education possible and to be successful in life. I want to be able to pursue a career in architecture or medicine and live my dream to the fullest.

To utilize my passion for human service and my love of all things public health to empower individuals across the world towards improving their health situations

To see a more closeness with Africa and find a peace within the world. It is important that our young children know their history in order to move forward.