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Dreams: Career Goals

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My dream is to be the best football player and to help people that need really good help.

To live up to my purpose and achieve far beyond expectations. TeErra

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

My dream is to be a policeman so that I can protect and serve.

My dream is to become an agent of change for the black community. I hope to do this by getting involved in local politics-eventually leading to Washington, D.C...

To go to Law School and represent for my community. Graduate from undergrad

To be a police officer [Taver]

My dream is to be a actress and to be a Singer,too.

MY Dream is to be a famous person for building school in Africa

To have my own hair salon when I grow up. With all the money I make I will split it with my parents w/ the rest I will give back to my community [Tatiana Perkins]

To see young people seek and find inspiration and purpose for their future.

I want to be a famous singer - Hannah

My dream is to be the president of the United States of America obe a singer or a dancer and Martin Luther King J.r inspired me that anything you put your mind to you can do it. Daijonna

To own my own business and be my own boss. As well as inspire my neice and nephew to want to do the same.

To get married and have a happy marriage and healthy children. Pay off student loans by 2015 and have health and strength and enjoy the work I do and get a reasonable salary.

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

to become a OBGYN. Graduate with honors and have a doctors degree and get a Ph.D.

To graduate from college on the deans list and become a psychiatrist that finds cures for people who the world thinks can't be cured, by the grace of God. -Rache

To live in a world where it's much easier to find a good husband and father like Dr. King

My dream is to be a football player of a president -Justin