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to be the most powerful and influential person I can be.

My dream is to become a lawyer and to change the world -Amiran

My dream is to be a good African American and to be thoughtful to others. My dream is to be a teacher.

For everyone to find peace, success, love, and vision

My Dream is to becvome the best actress in the entire world!! Myiesha S.

The chance to Reach my potential I'm 3y2 1-12-12 [Delaney B]...

My dream is to get good grades in school and become a doctor.

To become a cook when I grow up -Tiffany

My dream is to be the best football player over.

i have a dream to be a navy seal.

to become a teacher and great leader Samara B

Is to be a vet. to take care of animals [Chloe]

To be a successful man with an education and own my own mechanic shop. Finish up UTI at the top of my class and intern with NHRA when I graduate.

Open a language center and bookstore

Start a business that changes peoples lives in a positive way.

My dream is to become a profesional football player in the NFL. God willing, when I make it, I will give to all those that are less fortunate.

To Start my own Company so i can Hire Minorty's Dennis...

to become a teacher and help kids in need.

To be a great artist and icon and know as one of the greatest female artist that ever did it. To have good health, success, and prosperity. That I will be able to provide a better life for my family...

My dream is to be an artist -Tiachi