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My dream is to be a football player and be rech have a good life and be pouplar for the rest of my life. love you Martin!

my dream is to be an artist that paint out his or her emotions.To be rich with money by selling my most famous paintings

MY Dream is to be a famous person for building school in Africa

My Dream is to be a Successful wife, mother mentor and to be an encouragement to all

I like my gams I play bascet [Charles]

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

I want to be an inspiring and influence leader; person and friend [Naomi]

My dream is to go to college and then become an FBI detective.

to have & own a chiropractic & rehab center. To be a prosperous business owner. To donate in order to help my church, community & family. To care for and help individuals injured & in...

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

One day, I will a baker, teacher, or a singer that I wish I can own my own bakery

To work hard to give my parents and my future family a better life to do something good for my own country. make homeless people fingd jobs. have a place to live. I wish everyone live happily in...

for everybody to be accepted and respected as they are, all over the world

to earn my MD-PhD and make groundbreaking discoveries that will improve the way we study and treat diseases.

My dream is to be a policeman so that I can protect and serve.

My dream for our country is more people have jobs.

My dream is to sing for the Martin L. King birthday celebration Richardince

to be a singger

To become a successful chiropractor, so I can provide for my family and friends.

to open a language center and bookstore Deidre Lithonia, GA