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Dreams: Career Goals

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I want to be a doctor

is to become the most successful entrepreneur in history and change the world with my creative mind!! :)

To be an A+ student all through school. To become a lawyer. To also get my PhD. Freedom at last

To go to college and get goods job, and be a enginer.

To go to Law School and represent for my community. Graduate from undergrad

My dream is Basketball

i have a dream that one day i will become a bell teacher.because I like kids.

To be successful in my career while remaining focused on my family. Finding time to do both to the best of my ability.

my dream is to make music and write books that are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

My dream is to become the best criminal justice officer and as a woman to know my worth, stay true to religious belief and to be an great example for another young lady.

To get Ph.D. degree successfully. Devote to Taiwan's agriculture and feeding the world!! [Yu-Chien]

To live up to my purpose and achieve far beyond expectations. TeErra

My dream is to grow up and be a lawyer, and fight cases and be the best lawyer I can be.

the dream of equality and sucess. As a lawyer in the making I want to be able to fight for the rights of equality Taija

My dream is to be a happy, healthy, helpful princess.

My Neice realizes her dream of becoming a Civil Engineer, since she has already fulfilled the dream of her family by graduating college.

My dream is that for anyone that is not actively working in their Field of education within 5 years of gradurating, should not have to pay back student loans...

My dream is to start a green energy program which would teach home owners how to properly conserve energy for their homes, hopefully I can further this program by going to Africa or improvised countie...

I want to be a wonderful librarian so I can help others find the information that they need

to be a hero for all youth. I want to inspire all youth. God is good. I follow Martin.