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To be the best entertainer I can possible be! -Knerd/Chelsey

My dream for the country is for everyone to have a job, so they can have money to support their family. Trent

Have a good education and graduate from collige and be a good adult, and be thankful for what I have. I have a dream! [Amaya]

To go to college in Florida and become a pedicitrician. Breunna

To educate. This is by for the most important job their is to me. If you teach a child something you have instilled that something with in them. With that, this child could go a long way in life.

my dream is to make music and write books that are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

My Dream is to become a clinical psychologist, start my own practice, and specialize in war victims and people with mental illnesses

I want to be a doctor D.C.

Is to become an entertainment lawyer as well as a fashion designer -Kashay

My Dream is to go to college and get a good job.

to be an astronaut for America.

To get a PhD in engineering and start my own car company producing 100% electric cars that are affordable to the average American.

To be rich so that I can build buildings for the homeless people to live. Derek

For All people to live and accomplish their Dreams!

To be a famous musician. To be a famous musician I must master string instruments with strings, percussion: instruments you need to bang or press on with force, and wood windi instuments that used to...

I want to be a teacher and cope and a juge. From Arie

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]

To finish college and to be a better preson and to be lazy and procrastinate. [Shaniek]

to One day to Have my own Salon and be able to work from Home. Not to go in on no work hours of others