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To become a successful educated women in the teaching of young men and women in perfecting the Barber and Cosmetology career -Tyrisa

My dream is to be an artist -Tiachi

My dream is to become a famous rapper and bring rap back to it's former glory, and send some of the money to charity to stop world hunger and get my Business Degree. I'll do my hardest to...

When I grow up I em goging to be a cop -Ja

My dream is to be successful in life. And have a better future for anyone.

to become a prominent businessman in the film industry and inspire other youths to do the same and follow their dreams

To go to college and get goods job, and be a enginer.

To be a succesful lawyer

My Goal is to use music to create phenomenal improvements in others' lives. --Nkeng...

my dream is to become famous & to be known around the world i want to have nice cars nice houses and make good money i would like to help out the people that are poor and dont have what other...

I have a dream on day that education will be good enough that no one has a chance to fail. One day that I can continue my goal in education to one day have a career in Computer Engineering. I will be...

My Dream is to become a music artist and/or a Black Freedom Fighter (B.F.F.)

to be a hero for all youth. I want to inspire all youth. God is good. I follow Martin.

My dream is to become a Doctor and graduate. College from getting my P.H.D. M.D.

Is to become an actress and have four children with an husband and to have millions of dollars.

to be a success and uplift and inspire others in the process

To be a singer all across the world.

I have a dream that the world would be peaceful everyone would be treated the same and for a happy problemb free world. The day that we all realize that we all have more that just to just not like...

To become a successful Rapper and to make the world a better place. Ryan

My dream is "for peace and more jobs for Americans" Julie B0157...