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Dreams: Career Goals

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To grow up and be a famous cariagrapher [Ra'Shawn]...

is to one day acheive my dream & inspire those while doing it. Angelica

My dream is to be writer and rich

to be a doctor Evelyn 5th

My dream is to become a famous soccer player...and to help people in need become famous, not only in wealth but also in faith, courage, love, and wisdom. I also want to build a faster home. Thats my...

That I get a good education and work hard for it. [Cikoya]

I want to be a famous singer - Hannah

my dream is to become famous and be a policeman

to build bigger, and bettrer houses for families with low income.

to excell in my education and enjoy a carrer in chemistry. I want to make my parents proud and someday make a difference in this world.

I have a dream for our community that the economy will improve and more people in need will find jobs and homes. Rhea

That Every Shall Grow Up And Be What They Desire and acheive something in life.

To go law school and become an attorney, have a beautiful family (with lots of brains) but my biggest dream is to make my parents PROUD!

To see the United States of America Become color blind and live as Jesus said in the Gospels. Jesus said, "by this shall all men know you are my diciples, by the love you have for one another!!...

I am a graphic designer. I also am seeking a world of peace and harmony with humans and nature. My dream is to be able to work from my home office for organizations whose efforts help to alleviate...

World peace for all. Love and Kindness. Happiness and Caring. Love for all Seniors and Kids especially.

My dream is to have an equal chance to to do anything people find posible

I want to be the President fo the United States!

My dream is to graduate with honors from the BEST HBCU there is North Carlina Central University and get accepted to Carlina Law School and work for a non profit organization.

I want to be a teacher and cope and a juge. From Arie