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768 dreams to explore

To live up to my purpose and achieve far beyond expectations. TeErra

I have a dream that one day I'll be come soldier and help people's country that are need help. I'll give them food and water. If I die I don't care because at least I help the...

To be a police officer [Taver]

To save thousands of lives as a doctor.

My dream for the country is to provide more jobs so that people could be in a home because it will keep people off the streets.Mason

My dream is for all people immigrants and all too be equal and to be able to get the same jobs, education, and salaries as other americans.

My dream is to be an announcer. [Korea]

the dream of equality and sucess. As a lawyer in the making I want to be able to fight for the rights of equality Taija

To be a succesful lawyer

To start my own business/charity.

To be able to create a broadcast that will make the urban communities aware fo all political plans, actions, and history.

Is to succeed and do my absolute best in school/sports etc. I want to graduate from college to become either a marine biologist or a race car driver.

I want to be the President fo the United States!

To become a successful Rapper and to make the world a better place. Ryan

My dream is to be a pro wrestler. [Min Soo Kim}

To be strong, smart successful woman who will always fight for the well being of all persons. Thanks to you martin King.

To become the number one lawyer in my law firm by the age of 30/.

love and peace is the best thing. My dream is to become a police.

My dream is to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish.

To see a more closeness with Africa and find a peace within the world. It is important that our young children know their history in order to move forward.