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To be half as great as Dr King was. To lead efforts to unify the world in interfaith. To be a great orator and scholar. To be world renowned and sought after. M.D./ Ph.D


To be a star, singer, rapper, and dancer

to be working in an IT company in the year of 2012, and my future dream is to be happy married in the coming years. South Africa to prosper.

$1 B company! -joy + peace every day -the good life for me + my family

I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

My Dream Is To Play Volleyball In The Olympics

My dream is to be an architech! I would love to desing houses as a living. AND I want to be super rich. Mckenne

To graduate in Fall 2014 with an excellent job doing something I love.

My dream is to be a great teacher and to be a great leader that will never be forgotten.

To open a youth training center, created to train and develop youth. It will have a focus of social justice, cultural education, and the development of peer educators. It is time for youth to walk...

My dream is to be a marine biologist. Jason

The dream it to have temporary housing for the women that were once high achievers and due to corporate downsizing, older age discrimination and job market inequality have no place to go. This place...

have a job

To become a world-famous architect.

To finish up school at Trenholm State. earning my first college degree in Computer Information Systems. and starting a career in the United States Air Force

To see and make my mother smile not from the outside but from with in before she's gone and to be a Physio Theopist. AMEN! -Eshe =)...

My dream is to become a football star or WWE wrestler. I may not be Dr. King but I 'll be me...

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

Being a prfeshional dancer and singer. And helping others.