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Dreams: Career Goals

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I dream of beeing strong and healthy for my kids and get the job I dream of, please!

To be the president fo the United States [Uriya]

to become a prominent businessman in the film industry and inspire other youths to do the same and follow their dreams

To grow closer with Jesus Christ as I go forward on my spiritual walk with God. I want to complete my doctorate degree by 2013 so that I can enlarge the vision of our world...

My dream is to become a veterinarian Jordyn C.

as a kid my dream was to be a soccer player and make it to the finals i want to be a soccer player because i could be in a team and win a trophie

My dream is to work in a field with kids like pediatrics or family care or something like that. I want to help kids all over the world, whenever i can because I love kids.

My dream is to have an equal chance to to do anything people find posible

~To have a life without regrets ~to have a nice family ~have a prosperous job/career -Selah

I have a dream that the world will be a better place, without wars and other fatal castastrophes. I have a dream that the world will be cured from all sicknesses. I just had a dream…

that these wall st. protestors go and pursue their dream and let me pursue mine.

To have 5 shop to do hair in them and to give back to the world

to be a lawyer.

To help provide for my family and become a professional B-Ball Player. [Royale]

To Be a respected doctor in orthopedic medicine. I also inspire to be part of doctor's w/o boarders and impact healthcare in the world.

To make someone smily everyday of my life. Marcus

to open a community center for under privileged youth in my community. The center would prompt health, education, and professional growth for our youth.

I like my gams I play bascet [Charles]

My Dream is to be a Successful wife, mother mentor and to be an encouragement to all

my dream is that martin luther king jr. was still alive so he can live his dreams.