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Dreams: Career Goals

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To finish college and to be a better preson and to be lazy and procrastinate. [Shaniek]

I want to be a wonderful librarian so I can help others find the information that they need

to go to college and Get Goods Job, and Be a Engianer.

My dream is to start a business for students who want to get in business.

Open a language center and bookstore

My Dream is to become a clinical psychologist, start my own practice, and specialize in war victims and people with mental illnesses

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

To grow up and be a famous cariagrapher [Ra'Shawn]

Marlene 30309 To graduate from MBBI with a degree in Theology/Paseorath Counseling and own and operate a business to help others in need of spiritual/ physical healing.

to be a lawyer.

To make a difference in the world by doing what I love, theatre. I also want to be a Nurse and help underprivileged children. [Ella Brennan]

I want to be a famous singer - Hannah

One day, I will a baker, teacher, or a singer that I wish I can own my own bakery

My dream is to become a famous actress, who is recognized all over the world

i have a dream to be a navy seal.

TO become a world known singer. To show people of many religions the talents that I have. To be able to support my family and friends with the money that I'll have...

To become a successful educated women in the teaching of young men and women in perfecting the Barber and Cosmetology career -Tyrisa

Ya Ma Krama to go to college and become a nurse to help poor people become sucessful like me not to loose confidende In life.

To be Successful at everything I do! I want to be come a actress and singer and want boys and girls to look up me! 1/15/2012 Anijah

To continue my education on to graduate school, and eventually become a professor of writing.