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Dreams: Career Goals

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My personal dream is to live, love and be healthy. Expand my territory so that I am able to be a blessing to my family and friends. My career dream is to expand my design business into an agency...

To be a good soccer player and to make a change. [Tyson]

My dream is to become a famous soccer player...and to help people in need become famous, not only in wealth but also in faith, courage, love, and wisdom. I also want to build a faster home...

My dream is to be a famous soccer player or Artist. Madeleine ~lake side~

My dream is to travel and explore the plethora of cultures & foods this world has to offer as well as have a family that loves me and a career that I'm passionate about.

go to micmusicians institute [Dokdo]

To go to college and graduate to change the world

My dream is to show people that even if you have alcoholics or drug addicts as parents, you can be a leader.

To be able to become a lawyer, mentor and wonderful father.

I love martin luther king. to be a veteinaRian. love Naiya

My dream is for every person to grow up with the opportunity to get a good education that could help them find a career.

I want a job. To have clothes.

I have a dream that one day I will make a difference in the lives of many animals ,and our environment...

My dreams is to be a football player and be the best one I can. The words people told me to NGU that stands for never give up. -Sincerely, Markus 1/15/12

I dream that I keep my job, and that all my family and friends are well taken care of this year.

my drean is to grow up and help people in need and insipre with my photograpghy.

My dream is to be writer and rich

To have global peace and become famous for being on T.V. and being very peacful. -Caroline

My name is Malcolm and my dream is to become a model or a civil engineer.

To get my BA degree and to become a Director of a Budget Department