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To be a vet when I grow up. I love nursing animals. I love a king care of Dogs, Cats, and some other animals and others. -Asia

my dreams are to help people get homes,animals to be safe, to clean up the environment for me to get respect and last but not least is to have a good time with my family. haley

All animals would be respected and have a warm, safe place to live.


My dream is for no more cutting down trees and no more burning rain forests.

to get a pet

my dream is to stop animal cruelty !

That one day wolves will be accorded the respect They deserve, and that they will once again run free in the wilderness areas that include their former ranges in America.

my dream is to help other people with a lot of things like cooking,shoping for food and my other dream is to be A basketball player I love.

My dream is to go to college and earn an accounting degree, then eventually work my way up to a financial planner. Then I want to own a lot of rabbits.

My dream for our world is to give more aid to our oceans and its wild life.

my dream Is to be happy

My dream is to have a family and have everyone around me who I know and love until the day I die. To me this is the best thing anyone could ask for.

to Find a New species of any animal as a Zoologist and Have my own mansion

My dream for our country is to give aid to our environment that is affected by storms.

To become a vet. That takes care of animales in the wild.

go to the zoo.

I have a dream so that we can communicate with animals.

my dream is to be point guard for duke blue devils and have a good scholorship most of all I want to graduated from tarboro high and go to duke unversesity and be in the NBA and stop anmial abuse by:...

I want to help Animals live longer and . I want peopel to watch out for them.