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My dream is one day to travel to every continent. I want be able to visit multiple cultures and see their traditions. I plan to do this after college.

My Dream is to save the Amur Leopard and stop animal cruelty across the world. Also I will build animal shelters and help stray animals find homes

my dream is that everyone stops animal cruelty

To stop animal using for humans selfish reasons (for example, fur coats, moose head display, eating cats and dogs, etc.). E.M.

I would like to save animals that have problems. MCB

To be a better a basketball player

I unicorns and bunnies a pony -Leighton

that all dogs have homes

My dream is that one day all animal cruelty will one day be stopped, that one day we can save all the animals of the world.

That people will always have fair rights

My dream is to help animals. Some animals are endanger. To keep them alive, I will do things I can do. Helping animals that are endanger is good for the environment. They are meant to be there. If...

I have a dream to let Wild animals be in the Wild!!!


go to the zoo.

My dream for our world is to give more aid to our oceans and its wild life.

Catch Bass

To end animal cruelty

That one day wolves will be accorded the respect They deserve, and that they will once again run free in the wilderness areas that include their former ranges in America.

My dream is to be a lawyer and be successful in life.

My dream to have sports all over the world. We should beable to have sports.