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My dream for our country is i want the food department to make healthier food so that the obesity epidemic will end. Krissy

Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity! God's mercy and Grace for all of us!...

I hope that all war and terrorism will be gone from our world.

To be a princess [Paityn]

To always be the person that GOD wants me to be. GOD has a plan for each one of us. We just need to let him order our steps.

to get rid of self doubt.

To become an engineer and invent a product valuable to the whole world

For all people to know GOD and HIS purpose for each of us. For marriages and families to be stronger and more connected. To show more LOVE toward one another. Sharon Morton Aug. 24, 2013 Oxon Hill, MD

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]

My dream is for everyone in the world to be happy!

To Be Good and Be Nice and Be helpful and Be a good girl Samaya

to one day know honestly and purely the act of equality. And that we as a people might experience a peace that only come with the true walk with God!

My dream is to become a Professional football player

All people will strive to treat each other with dignity and respect. We will embrace the throne of love and equality in all aspects Queen.

To write award winning books and start a large non profit organization.

To create a state of the Arts, Green Tech-nology, Global, Community Center on the Westside of Atlanta. I'm calling it Project Rebuild. Based in the Greater Vine City Area (English Avenue) Atlanta...

My dream is a successful criminal justice career, and a prosperous life [Kayla]

Equality for Gay people everywhere and forever

My dream is that one day all God's children will wake up and know who they are and who they were created to be. So that this world will be a better place giving God All The Glory...

To inspire people through my poetry. Also, to actually live by it not just feel it.