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My dream is to be successful Kenadie

A world economy that meets the needs of despair among all people. And a time when love is in the hearts of all the worlds people -Terry 06-11-60

To be a famous person

For everybody to stop people from stealing and being cruel. For the world to celebrate.

to become CEO of Howard Hospital or Children's Hospital (DC). My goal is to implement policies and programs that works to eliminate health disparities and ensures that everyone receives equal...

My dream is that there is no more homelessness and that all families will have a safe and affordable place to live. JT

my dream is to be successful Ayonne

To live out righteousness Dr. King died for.

My dream is to be a fund manager. I want to help people with their money [Kim]

To become a professional a wife, mother. President of my own company! PEACE for ALL!

My dream is for everyone around me to be happy, and for me to be happy also. My dream is to make a difference.

To be successful and powerful beyond. For my family to be just the same as me, and ultimately be aprt of a group of people African Americans can be proud of.

Amari -To be the president of the United States

that all people will be nice, loveable and fair. It doesn't matter if we're black or white, we're one big family!...

I want to love my neighbor with such an uncontrollably passionate love that I will never hesitate to tell them the good news of a Savior who died to give them eternal life in heaven, and all they...

My dream is to be a pro wrestler. [Min Soo Kim}


Find peace and happiness in everything I do for my business, community, and family

to one day be a drum major for Justice & educate young men on the importance of being a real man in society & stop killing the dream of others

Jerimiah go back home because I miss my family