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My dream is for everyone in the world to be happy!

That all people can grow in peace

My dream is to make my immigrant father proud and let him know that his sacrifices didn't go unnocticed...

My dream is to make my mother proud of me. Also to be one of many black women who want settle For less than what I should be given. One of my dream is to make a difference in today society. My... For Barack Obama to have a 2nd term as President of USA Thank You!

My dream is to have our society value spiritual, and intellectual achievements as much as we value beauty and worldly possessions.

to become a world famous graphic designer

Live is short, live it to the fullest!!!! Keep God first, all things are possible.

My Dream is for my kids to be treated fairly and with respect for who they are.

Stop All of this Wasting of What we have and us it. Stop All this I Want This or I got to have That and Thank the Lord for the many Blessing that we Have and to Receive

To be president Mr. Darien G.

For the world to be free of poverty. Share and share alike so that at least those unfortunate will be able to have food to eat. All it takes is one person to create a movement.

go to prom with my choice

My dream for our world is peace. The world would be a much better place if everyone got along.

Universal peace, access to healthcare, and education and economic justice.

My dream for our community is that we can get to know everyone better, and find good quality’s in them.

To change the world by offering people a dynamic experience with my company's vision...

Is to never forget my Dream

To see my four daughter grow up, To be independent Ladies And to be Able to take care of thearselves.

People will be joyful with each other. Sharing our common humanity - loving each other and ourselves.