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Martin is a great person but my dream is He is an a Angel

I Victoria dream to grow up and become a dancer or and a Writter and i want to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

To help youth of all ages dream as much as possible!

My dreams is to start my own business that specializing in mentoring to young men and woman.

I have a dream about my country , Iran. My dream is all the people in Iran , be free and happy and have a good relationship with other counties .

World peace and equal rights for everyone

that everyone will be peaceful with each other!

to live a life of total freedom financially, emotionally and spiritually. To live a life of pure bliss and be remembered when I'm gone as a righteous friend...

To have a good life with my family to be happy together with all the love that we have. Joe Ann Miami Fl.

We have a dream that there will be no more war because too many people die. Husbands die and make their children sad and their wives have to live alone...

to have the same dream as Martin luther king did,. The best auther in the World! land be wealthy from Adonnis

To return to a world where success was measured by your hard work not by the connectons one has.

I have the dream that the people of the world will one day live in harmony and peace together...

My dream is to become a successful pastry chef and donate money to kids with disabilites

To awaken from te nightmare of self deception and self hatred and remember myself and others as we were created

That African-Americans will focus less on integrating and more on looking inward reclaiming their last signity, and raising their children to be cognizant and productive members of society.

That people will love each other and the earth as much as they love themselves.

My dream is to go back to go back to 2004. There is my dream that is stayed.

That all children in urban communities will truly have a quality education and an equal chance to suceed in America.

My Dream is, that I pray one day that hate of or from any race will no longer exsit