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Become Cameroonian's first woman president. :)

To write a novel.

I want every single child in the world to be raised in family. I don't want to see orphan children.

My dream is to make everyone equal. Women and men. Whether you are gay or straight.

My dream is for GOD's people, children of Abraham to come together in unity.

To work for your Dream and being able to feel I've done my job. Thanks for showing me how to Dream! Thanks for what you did.

My dream in there would be peace on earth and no more poverty [Ben]

Succeed in everything I do. To learn to love and help the less fortunate. Stop the violence and just love everyone

That all the world will come together and be as happy as I am and that there will be happyness and that they will stay together as always!

My dream is to be the most successful banked in the world -From Ion

My dream is to be an architech! I would love to desing houses as a living. AND I want to be super rich. Mckenne

Good morning, My name is Quardney, and through the power of song, I want to incite the same kinds of change in the LGBTQ community that Rev. Dr. King, Jr., did for the African-American community...

My dream is to experience a heathy world free of voilent actions, violent thoughts and greedy people. I dream a world where we love, respect and share equally and with civility

.is that they all just behave themselves

To have peace all around the world and to be life Dr. King

I dream about being a teacher.

For each person to take the responsibility to end suffering - do not harm others physically or emotionally, do not harm animals, and help those who are less fortunate...

To have my own family.

To live to ssee my grandchildren become participants and living examples of Dr. King Dream For American's Promise. For equality and a even playing field of opportunity

To become a video game artist. To make games for kids and less violence. Caleb Farrish NC