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To become one of the most prominent and sought after black woman Financial Advisers in the United States

My dream is to be a doctor. And to be susesful in my life -India

that unconditional love for one another will flow from heart to heart and breast to breast.

I thank God that in my life time - the dream of MLK is coming to fruition. We as a people of color are experiencing "some" Merit of appreciation and acknowledgement that is based on our...

To be a famous guitar. I want to be rich. -Destiny

My dream is to become a Marine to fight for my country. Then when i retire I'm gonna live on the beach and live life...

To help young girls that are poor and don’t have many opportunities. I want to create a foundation that they can go to to get clothes, happiness and to know that they are loves.

My dream is for Africa to have another chance to emerge and BE. My dream is to be one of the leaders who will be leading Africa out what it has always been (poverty, wars, hunger) My dream is to be...

My dream is to decome a vet and save animals

For all of the children to have an education that is equal!

Keep our freedom with a limited government that promotes family values, religious freedom, and facilitates more racial harmony.

to see politics and technology synergize to support a solid network of business practices and food systems that are efficacious to the earth's environment...

My dream is to go to collage and have a daughter Lillie

My dream is to be a lawyer and be successful in life.

to one day travel the world as a amateur freelance photographer. I'd love to be able to take care of my family and donate to those less fortunate than myself...

The people will begin to see the world as a place of abundance - not scarcity - and thus stop fighting for resources and start collaborating and sharing.

My dream is to be a star like singer and dancer. I will help my home in Georgia [Tamara]

to improve the plublic education system in the United States

To run an acting class, and help the children in need.

To be a writer & an activist for a cause I am passionate about