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My Dream Is

my dream; i don't just have one dream, i have many dreams. So many dreams for what people could do in this world. when I think of everyone and everything in this universe, i feel insignificant; "does what i do even matter?". This is the question i often ask myself. But it is true, it only takes one person to tap the dominoes of change. it only takes one person, big or small, to rewrite history. My dream is that everyone in the world; in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and any other place can have the chance to be happy. To have the chance to feel pure joy and to enjoy their lives. my dream is for me to be able to love all and to be loved by my friends and family. however, my love and the love that surrounds me will not impact the entire world community. It is my dream that every single person can open a piece of themselves and give it to those whom they love, and also who they don't love. My dream is that people will be able to open their eyes and open their hearts for the one's who are put down; for the one's who are looked down upon. My dream is that we can appreciate each other's strengths, and to understand each other's weaknesses. My dream is one day, all people will be treated right; and be able to live their lives, without fear, without punishment. Equality. Peace.Love; that is my dream.