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My Dream Is

My dream is to sing, travel, and positively impact community through my vocal music like the worlds greatest Gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, who also travelled and sang for Martin Luther King, Jr. For many years people have told me that they hear Mahalia Jackson singing when they hear me sing. So I listened to Mahalia Jackson and I do agree. I feel the same spirit Mahalia felt when she sang. I will graduate from The ITC in Atlanta Ga on this May 11, 2013 at the Kings International Chapel at 8:30 a.m. on Morehouse College. I will have two Recitals in May before graduation. I will invite the King family, as I will give a tribute to Mahalia (known as the voice of the civil rights movement) and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the drum major for justice. I dream that my music or the music in me, through me will reach all the people in all the places and more that Mahalia Jackson travelled and sang to. Everywhere I go and sing I am compared to Mahalia Jackson. Now I know that that is the greatest honor ever. Please watch out for my Recital and Graduation invitation coming soon to your mail box. My other dream is to work with and sing for movie producer and play write Mr. Tylet Perry. Thanks.