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Lincoln University (PA)

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"The American Dream"

This transcription of the commencement address delivered by Dr. King at Lincoln University on June 6 1961.

Letter from Arthur James to MLK

Arthur James, a member of the Movement for the Advancement of Black Brotherhood and Culture, invites Dr. King to speak at Lincoln University.

Letter from MLK to Dr. Wachman

Dr. King informs Dr. Wachman, that due to his extremely busy schedule and his particular attention to the South, he will not be able to accept an invitation to speak at Lincoln University.

Letter from Willis C. Tabor to MLK

In this letter from Willis C. Tabor to Dr. King Mr. Tabor requests an application for employment with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference after his dismissal as pastor of West Side Christian Parish.

Marvin Wachman Invites MLK to Speak at Lincoln University

Marvin Wachman, President of Lincoln University, invites Dr. King to a speaking engagement.