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Yungblut, John R.

b. 1913 - d. 1995

John Yungblut was an Episcopal priest for 20 years before joining the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1960. A student of mysticism and the philosophies of Carl Jung and Teilhard de Chardin, he was the author of five books and a number of Pendle Hill publications. As director of Quaker House in Atlanta, Georgia, Yungblut arranged for Dr. King to do a seminar on the philosophy and practice of nonviolence and worked to support the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign. He later served as director of the International Student House in Washington, D.C., director of studies at Pendle Hill in Pennsylvania, and director of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance in Rye, New York.

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Letter from Calhoun Geiger to MLK

Calhoun Geiger, director of the Peace Education Program, invites Dr. King and his family to a summer family camp hosted by the American Friends Service Committee, Inc. Geiger explains that John Yungblut suggested that Dr. King might be interested in attending.

Letter from John R. Yungblut to CSK

Mr. Yungblut of Quaker House, writes Mrs. King to inquire whether the King Children may be interested in participating in a youth dramatics program.

Letter from John Yungblut to MLK

John Yungblut writes to Dr. King to confirm his ability to lead a seminar for the Atlanta Meeting's Quaker House on the Philosophy and Practice of Non-violence.

Letter to MLK from John Yungblut

John Yungblut writes to inform Dr. King about a conference to take place at Georgia State College. It will discuss China-United States relations and he would like for Dr. King to lend his sponsorship. Yungblut was the director of Quaker House, a civil rights and peace organization in Atlanta in the 1960's.