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Rauschenbusch, Walter

b. 1861 - d. 1918

Walter Rauschenbusch is regarded as the father of the social gospel movement. He attended Rochester Theological Seminary and served 11 years as pastor of the Second Baptist Church in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, where he ministered to industrial workers and the poor. The purpose of Christianity, he felt, was to spread the Kingdom of God, thereby transforming life on earth. He believed the social mission of Jesus had been replaced by the doctrines of the Church, emphasizing personal salvation. Rauschenbusch’s Christianity and the Social Gospel (1907) challenged the church to reform society to meet the needs of the poor. Ten years later he wrote A Theology for the Social Gospel. Dr. King first encountered Rauschenbusch’s philosophy as a seminary student and wrote that it “left an indelible imprint on my thinking by giving a theological basis for the social concern that had already grown up in me as a result of my early experiences.”

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