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Mays, Benjamin E. (Benjamin Elijah)

b. 1894 - d. 1984

Benjamin Elijah Mays, born in rural South Carolina, was a mentor of Dr. King from King’s student days at Morehouse College to his death. Mays graduated from Bates College in Maine and obtained master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago. He was appointed dean of the School of Religion at Howard University in 1934. In 1940, he became president of Morehouse College, where he remained for 27 years. At Morehouse, Mays convened Tuesday morning Chapel each week to challenge and inspire the students. King traces aspects of his ministerial and spiritual formation to Dr. Mays. A consummate scholar and social critic, Mays offered the benediction at the close of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. He also delivered a eulogy of King in Atlanta. Following his tenure at Morehouse, Mays served as president of the Atlanta Board of Education from 1970 to 1981.

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Nobel Peace Prize Dinner Program

The citizens of Atlanta held a recognition dinner on January 27, 1965 to honor Dr. King for his Nobel Peace Prize. Tributes were offered by Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., AME Bishop Ernest Hickman, Rev. Edward Driscoll of the Georgia Council of Churches, State Senator Leroy Johnson, and Roman Catholic Archbishop Paul Hallinan. Dr. King gave the address.

Nomination Letter from Benjamin E. Mays to Dr. King

In this letter, Benjamin E. Mays notifies Dr. King that he has nominated him for the Florina Lasker Civil Liberties Award.

Operation Breadbasket As Vision, Promise and Hope

This report discusses the socio-economic position of Negroes as it relates to education achievement, employment opportunities, and access to power and societal institutions.

Pamphlet on Benjamin E. Mays

Benjamin E. Mays, the President of Morehouse College, is highlighted in this pamphlet.

Pittsburgh Courier: Mays

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays mourns the recent deaths of Charles Drew and Carter Woodson. Both were highly acclaimed individuals, not only because of their race but also in their areas of study. Drew developed large-scale blood banks during WWI and Woodson cultivated the idea of Black History Month.

Post Card to MLK from Benjamin Mays, Morehouse College

This 1966 post card from Benjamin Mays, Morehouse College, is a thank-you note to Dr. King and "the Morehouse men" who made alumni contributions.

Progressive National Baptist Convention Sixth Annual Session

This news release outlines the events and participants for the Sixth Annual Session of the Progressive National Baptist Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The theme of the conference is Spiritual Renewal in a Decaying Society.

Report from Morehouse College President to the Board of Trustees

In this report Hugh M. Gloster, the new President of Morehouse College presents his report to the Board of Trustees for the 1967-68 academic school year. In this report he addresses daily activities of the college, student body, new programs, enrollment, college faculty, grants and incentives received by Morehouse. He also addresses the goal for the college to raise 11 million by the year 1970 for its endowment.

Reservation Request Letter from Morehouse

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, President of Morehouse College, writes Dr. King to inform him of the school's upcoming "Centennial activities." Hoping both he and Mrs. King will attend, he kindly urges Dr. King to RSVP immediately for the event on Friday evening. The writing on the letter indicates that Dr. Mays' request was answered via telephone.

Retirement Speech from MLK to Dr. Benjamin E. May

Dr. King honors Dr. Mays for serving as the President of Morehouse College as he enters into retirement.

Telegram from Dow Kirkpatrick to MLK and Mrs. King

Dow Kirkpatrick congratulates Dr. King and apologizes for his absence at the event.

Telegram from MLK and Mrs. King to Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Dr. and Mrs. King commend Dr. Benjamin E. Mays for all he has accomplished during his twenty-seven years as President of Morehouse College.

Telegram from Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Mays to MLK

This telegram was sent from Benjamin Elijah Mays and his wife to Dr. King at the State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia.

Thank You Letter from Benjamin E. Mays to MLK

In this letter, Benjamin E. Mays former president of Morehouse College thanks Dr. King for his Founders' Day contribution.

The Inauguration of Hugh Morris Gloster

This program commemorates the inauguration of Hugh Morris Gloster as the seventh president of Morehouse College.

The National Council of Negro Women

This brochure gives a brief overview of the NCNW and the positive results its had on the Negro community.