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Levison, Stanley D.

b. 1912 - d. 1979

Stanley Levison was among Dr. King’s most influential political advisors. He was a Jewish lawyer and businessman from New York. King met Levison through Bayard Rustin and Ella Baker in 1956. Levison provided counsel to King during the formation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He assisted in the drafting of major speeches and counseled King in matters of political strategy and fundraising. Levison was publicly identified with the Communist Party USA before his association with King. This led to an FBI investigation of their relationship. Eventually King distanced himself from Levison publicly while still seeking his advice through others. The two men remained in contact until King’s assassination in 1968.

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The Southern Struggle - What Can You Do?

Corretta Scott King discusses the privilege of being able to experience a great social revolution based on love and nonviolence, as inspired by the teachings of Jesus and Gandhi. She identifies Rosa Park's personal protest on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama as the beginning of the southern struggle and consequent revolution. She goes on to describe how this simple act aroused a great movement across the south, ultimately leading to the creation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in January of 1957.

Work Summary of Rachel Davis DuBoise

This document is a brief work summary for Rachel Davis DuBoise as a member of the Dialogue Department of SCLC covering the periods from November 1965 to October 1966.