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King, Slater

b. 1927 - d. 1969

Slater King, Fisk University graduate, was a successful real estate broker in Albany, Georgia. When the Albany Movement, a coalition of local black organizations, was founded in 1961 to protest segregation, King was chosen vice president, then president to succeed Dr. W. G. Anderson. He was often jailed, including with Dr. King. In 1962, his wife Marion, six months pregnant, lost her child when kicked in the stomach by two policemen when delivering food to jailed civil rights protesters. King was indicted on perjury charges in 1963 as a result of the economic boycott of the Carl Smith Supermarket in Albany. He promoted socioeconomic development by purchasing properties in all-white neighborhoods and selling to blacks. He secured a federal grant for a center to assist unemployed and ill-trained workers, developing low-income church-sponsored housing units, and establishing an integrated housing development.

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Albany Justice Draft for Amsterdam News

Dr. King expounds upon the city of Albany and the adversities it faced that brought about the focus of international scrutiny. Dr. King notes two prominent international occasions that occurred in Albany, the peace walk to Cuba and the Guantanamo Peace March. He cites quotations from Chief Laurie Prichett and Bradford Lyttle. Dr. King further elaborates on the injustices of Albany, segregation, discriminatory practices and more.

Appeal from Wyatt Tee Walker for Albany Support

Following the arrests of Dr. King and three others who held a prayer vigil at the Albany, Georgia City Hall, Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker issues this appeal for support from those active in the civil rights movement. He calls for telegrams to be sent to federal, state, and local officials, prayer vigils, and the wearing of black armbands.

Letter from Burke Marshall of the Department of Justice to MLK

In reply to Dr. King's telegram concerning the actions of a Mitchell County peace officer towards Mrs. Slater King, the wife of a civil rights activist and successful real estate broker, Assistant Attorney General Burke Marshall writes that an investigation of this matter has been ordered.

Letter from Robert Kennedy to MLK

Attorney General Robert Kennedy addresses the prosecutions that involved leaders from the Albany Movement. Kennedy discusses these details and facts of the case with Dr. King.

Letter from Robert Kennedy to MLK

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy writes to Dr. King regarding a case of civil disobedience in Albany, Georgia. He discusses the boycotting of Carl Smith's supermarket due to Smith serving as a juror in the civil action case of Ware vs. Johnson.

People in Action: Albany Justice

Dr. King discusses numerous injustices in Albany, a pacifist movement to Cuba, and police brutality against Negroes.