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Cox, Harvey Gallagher

b. 1929 - d. 0000

Harvey Cox is a noted theologian, American Baptist minister and prolific writer who taught at Harvard Divinity School from 1965 to 2009. Among his works is the 1965 international bestseller Secular City. Cox received his doctorate in the history and philosophy of religion from Harvard University in 1963. Prior to joining Harvard Divinity School, he had served as director of religious activities at Oberlin College. There, he had invited Dr. King to a speaking engagement and introduced him to seminary student James Lawson. King later asked Lawson to teach nonviolence to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). In 1965, Dr. Cox addressed the Ninth Annual SCLC Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. King described him as “one of the Church’s most creative contemporary thinkers.”

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Letter from Robert Starbuck to the SCLC

Robert Starbuck encloses a contribution to the SCLC on behalf of supporters from Berlin, Germany. Starbuck has affiliations with many individuals tied to the American Civil Rights Movement and believes that it is imperative to contribute to the cause.

SCLC: Summary Of Ninth Annual Convention

This summary of the SCLC's Ninth Annual Convention describes events that were instrumental in the formation of the organization. The document outlines the ongoing projects of the organization and offers proposals for future efforts.

Telegram from Andrew Young to Harvey Cox

Andrew Young requests a photograph and biographical sketch of Harvey Cox, a well known theologian. The materials will be used for publicity of a convention that Cox will be making an address.

The Committee of Responsibility Thanks Coretta Scott King

Herbert L. Needleman, Chairman of The Committee of Responsibility, expresses his appreciation for Mrs. King's sponsorship of the program. He assures her that the response received regarding the program launch has been of great size.