Rep. Powell Unseating to Stick?


This article discusses public opinion surrounding former U.S. House Representative Adam Clayton Powell's ethics investigation, and subsequent ousting from office.

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Rep. Powell Unseating to Stick?
Tuesday, March 7, 1967
Orlando Sentinel
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[Inserted text: March 7- 1967] [Underlined text: as the minister of a Baptist church,] [Underlined text: from the north] [Underlined text: from women who were disturbed by the defiant behavior of Adam] [Underlined text: as well as his escapades in the Bahamas] [Underlined text: of all races] [Underlined text: Particularly women] [Underlined text: insist that he is being punished just because of his race] [Underlined text: discriminate in favor of one race as against another. [Inserted text: Original has been removed to News clippings Box 1]
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