Outline of The Distinctions In God's Creation


This outline of Dr. King's sermon entitled, "The Distinctions of God's Creation," references Thomas Aquinas. The document suggests focusing on the central message that God created all beings and features of nature, each with its own unique form and purpose.

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Outline of The Distinctions In God's Creation
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[Inserted on top margin: See introduction to Thomas Aquinas, p[age] 259F] The Distinctions In God's Creation God said: Let there be light?And he divided the light from the darkness I. Here it is made clear that the multitude of things in the universe stem from God. God created many things: (1) Views that distinction does not come from God. If God makes these distinction th[e]y must be good, for God did not create ind[ividuals] II. Why then is distinction: Because God brought things into being in order that his goodness might be represented by his creatures. And because his goodness could not be represented by one creature alone, he produced many and diverse creatures. 1. The various mountain 2. Oceans 3 Solar Systems. (Some are worr[y]ing about the result if there is life on Mars. But I don?t. It just give additional proof?) [Crossed out text: 4] Flower [Crossed out text: 5] Human Beings Black,red,yellow,white III These distinction were not made to be in conflict they were made to exist together. ?God says after his creation ?and it was good.? Meaning all of it is good. (The view of Ralph Linton) (It is a shame that love cant appreciate the riches of God) There can be unity without uniformit[y] Black and white can live together. Our biological differences are but var[y]ing expressions of the richness and complexit[y], of the divine nature.
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