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Dr. King drafted the intro of this sermon to place emphasis on the pros and cons of despair. The place and date of where this sermon was preached is not known.

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MLK's Sermon Notes
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Sermon [Right hand corner: see Wiiman SHG, 48-52 "Salvation through Despair" "Life's fulfillment through Despair" Take text from Paul Int. [Introduction] Despair is often looked upon as one of the worst of evils. It is true that there is virtue in despair for its own sake; for it may be one of the worst evils. But there is a sense in which despair leads to salvation. Despair concerning the reliability of his own appraisal of value may lead man to commit himself to the healing and guiding grace of God. When despair turns man to trust the grace of God alone and not his own reason or sense of value or other human power, it opens the way to life's fulfil[l]ment.
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