MLK Thanks a Contributing Author


Dr. King writes to Mr. Morrow thanking him for sending a written manuscript of Marrow's new book. He apologizes for being unable to fully assist him in his writing endeavors.

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MLK Thanks a Contributing Author
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Dear Mr. Morrow, Thank you for your letter of July 5th. I am sorry for this delayed reply, but [crossed out text: y] the frequency & urgency of my duties as President of the SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] have prevented me from responding earlier. Your manuscript is a fine and worthwhile contribution to the struggle towards world peace. I am greatly appreciative of the time which you took to prepare [Crossed out text: of] a copy of the script and forward it to me but I am presently unable to give you [crossed out text] the needed assistance. Furthermore, I doubt that I would be able to give you adequate technical help as an accredited agency would be able to do. Nevertheless the manuscript will be kept available for future reference. Your efforts toward world peace are heartening and encouraging for myself and our staff. MLK [Martin Luther King]
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