MLK Notes - Voting Issues and Strategies



These handwritten notes of Dr. King's, found on the back of a memorandum, focus largely on voter registration issues and strategies. Of interest is an item adjacent to the body of the notes remarking, "Daddy King has yet to understand non-violence."

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MLK Notes - Voting Issues and Strategies
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[Upper LH side of page] Daddy King [Crossed out: does] has yet to understand non-violence [RH side of page] Can you imagine what the circumstance would be if every white employer would say to his employee ?I want you to go and get registered.? = weakness of the bill six state 34 dist[rict] of N.C. [North Carolina] [1 circled] we still have to go and be turned down by the State [2 circled] the Poll Tax is still with us [3 circled] Enforce ? the need for weather [illegible number circled] need for stronger protection of life and limb
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