Malcolm X Memorial Flyer


This flyer promotes a salute to American freedom and peace fighters at the Malcolm X memorial event held at Stuyvesant High School. The flyer outlines scheduled topics, speakers, and entertainers.

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Malcolm X Memorial Flyer
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Malcolm X Memorial salutes American Freedom and Peace Fighters Leroi Jones Dr. Benjamin Spock Bill Epton Rev[erend] William Coffin The 17 African-Americans accused Rev[erend] James Groppi Stokley Carmichael The Draft Resisters Eddie Oquendo Hear Mr. H. Rap Brown (or another SNCC [Student Nonviolent Cordinating Committee] representative) Thursday afternoon feb[uary] 22nd. 1968 at 2p.m.- Stuyvesand high school 15th street and first avenue [Underlined: Chairman - William Douthard] [Underlined: Speakers] [Underlined: Entertainment] Flo Kennedy - Media work shop songs by Dorothy Pitman Hal Koppersmith Asaman Byron african dancer Queen mother Moore Freedom jazz quartet David Alpert - Teachers readings from Malcolm X for community control no admission charge -- Victor Hernandez Cruz United federation of parents, teachers, and students Hal Koppersmith executive director 54 spring st[reet], NYC [New York City] 10012 phone 925-6184
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