Letter from Wolfgang S. Homburger to MLK


Mr. Homburger, Assistant Director for the Institute of Transportation Studies in Berkeley, requests additional information from Dr. King before responding to his appeal for funds.

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Letter from Wolfgang S. Homburger to MLK
Tuesday, October 17, 1967
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Oct. 17, 1967 Rev. Martin Luther King Atlanta Ga. Dear Rev. King: Since we have not received an individual reply to our letter to you of last month (re the Chicago [Underlined text in red ink: "New Politics"] conference), I read your letter dated "September 1967" and the enclosed buff pamphlet with particular interest. I regret that out doubts about SCLC's [Southern Christians Leadership Conference] role in Chicago and its attitude toward [double underlined text: all] the resolutions (not just the Middle East one) which were passed have not been resolved. Specifically: 1. Did the reported fact that Mrs. Septima Clark "managed" the resolutions indicate that you support them? 2. While you disavow anti-semitism, how about anti-white racism, which was so obvious in the resolutions. (Example: no attack on the negro dictator of Haiti, but against any number of white dictators not especially involved in negro problems.) Until we learn more of how you feel about [double underlined text: all] the Chicago resolutions we cannot respond to your appeal for funds Sincerely yours Wolfgang S. Homburger [Inserted Text: top left hand side corner of the document, written diagonally in red ink: Re: new politics]
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