Letter from Theodore A. Hamilton to MLK


In this letter, Theodore Hamilton challenges Dr. King to prove that he is not the son of Satan. To prove this Hamilton proposes that he and Dr. King tape open their eyes and look at the sun, claiming that the true Christian will walk away with sight.

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Letter from Theodore A. Hamilton to MLK
Saturday, February 12, 1966
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Feb 12, 1966 Dallas, Tex[as], Rev Martin Luther King Jr. Dear Sir, I have been waiting quite a while to jump you out. You say that our Lord Jesus Christ sanctions your work, I say you are a liar, and that you are a son of Satan. I challenge you to this one test, that you and I tape our eyes open and face the broiling sun together! The one that is a son of God will walk away with his sight. The son of Satan will walk away blind! Now here is a little suggestion that might help you, contact Richard Cardinal [crossed out text] Cushing and Billy Graham, and check on who and what you are up against. Yours truly, Theodore Augustus Hamilton.
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