Letter from Robert Johnson to MLK


The author requests Dr. King to encourage black people to put away their wickedness so the Lord can take care of them.

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Letter from Robert Johnson to MLK
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[Inserted in Margin: To Dr[Doctor] King] [Inserted in Right Margin: Robert Johnson] [Inserted in Right Margin: 222 Riverside Dr[ive] [Inserted in Right Margin: New York, New York] Dea[r] Rev[erend] King, If you would incourage [encourage] the Negro; to put away his wickness [wickedness] from before the face of the Lord then the job that you are trying to do will be much easy [easier]. Their [There] are something [some] [things] you must understand; all Negros [Negroes] are not Christians. Incourage [Encourage] them to put away their alcohol drinking, their smoking, rock in rolling, adultery, fornication, lying, [] biting, and all other wickedness and the Lord will be with them. The Lord have [has] saith unto me my people is in the captive from the lack of understanding, thy should put away the strange gods and turn to the Lord with all their hearts and He will deliver them out of the [Inserted Above Text: hand] [Crossed Out Text: MS: illegible] of the Philistines. I [First] Sam [Samuel?] 7:3. May the Lord be with you in all your doing. [Closing Signature: Robert Johnson]
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