Letter from "A Red Blooded American Who Is Opposed to Your Tactics of Un-Americanism"



This letter to Dr. King criticizes his presumed anti-American activities. The author, who signs as "A Red Blooded American who is opposed to your tactics of un-Americanism," describes herself as the mother and grandmother of men who have served in the armed forces.

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Thursday, April 27, 1967
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Page 1 [Stamp in Black Ink: Vernon, TX [Texas] APR[il] 27 [PM?] 1967 76384] Page 2 [Stamp in Red: Received MAY 1 1967] It is a pity and disgrace to the United States of America that you do not hold the same appreciation and gratitude for honor as is displayed in this clipping. You, who is supposed to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ! Did not Jesus believe in Freedom for all? Would he not have answered any call for help to defend any-ones freedom? Are you taking the stand you are, to insure yourself a respectful job among the communist, in case they are victorious? I am the mother of 4 boys who served in World War II and during the Korean conflict and 3 grandsons, one past 18 years. So I don't think I'm not as conserned [concerned] about my country's future and Page 3 the life of my children and grandchildren as anyone can be. Furthermore, I had 3 brothers in W[orld] W[ar] II and one gave his life in the air force on duty in Europe. To avoid negro reprisals for this letter, sign me [Closing Signature: A [Underlined: Red Blooded American] who is opposed to your tactics of un-Americanism.]
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