Letter from Nancy and Bill Brodie to Mrs. King



Nancy and Bill Brodie write Mrs. King to express their sympathy regarding Dr. King's assassination. As a method to comfort Mrs. King, Nancy includes a poem that she wrote for her father when he died.

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Letter from Nancy and Bill Brodie to Mrs. King
Thursday, April 11, 1968
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[Page 1] [Stamp in blue ink: Received May 2, 1968] 4-11-[19]68 Dear Mrs. King, Children and SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] My husband and I wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to you and the world for our great and shattering loss. Please accept our humble contribution. With it go our blessings and hopes that it will in some small way help to attain and insure peace and sincere love. Perhaps someday, God willing we shall all have love in our hearts, enough food for our bodies and clothing on our backs and decent homes in which to live, good schools and teachers so we can learn [Page 2] for then we shall hopefully no longer be ignorant-for in ignorance their [there] is fear doubt suspicion and gullibility. Please also accept this short poem I wrote when my father passed away. He too was a beautiful person and did so very much for others in his profession as doctor and psychiatrist and in his personal life. I have him to thank for my love for life and people. In the soul of the night there is darkness The shadows go wending their way And I see in the light of the moon, the father I have come to know In the heart of the nite [night] there is beauty The memories go fleeting from day And I see in the grace of the heavens his goodness that always shall glow In the mercy of time there is healing You feel solace each time that you pray And death is never so final that your love can't continue to grow. God be with you always Nancy and Bill Brodie
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