Letter from Mrs. W. J. Givan to MLK about Unsavory Association


In this letter Mrs. Givan expresses her dissatisfaction with Dr. King on how "prominent Negroes" are often photographed with "unsavory whites."

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Letter from Mrs. W. J. Givan to MLK about Unsavory Association
Wednesday, November 1, 1967
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November 1, 1967 Dear Sir: I have just finished reading the latest "Jet" magazine; and it struck me afresh as to how often prominent Negroes are pictured with prominent but unsavory whites! First came a picture of the editorial staff with Hugh Hefner, publisher of Playboy: a magazine dedicated to the idea of women as a "thing" to be used and exploited by man for his convenience and pleasure. No RESPECT for her as an equal human being, this should be easily understood by a fighter for equality of the races. Next, a picture of "Sugar Ray" Robinson with Frank Sinatra--a man who refused to stop known association with America's underworld; which preys on the "little guy" of all races! Then, the crowning blow; a picture of you--the author of that SPLENDID book, "Strength to Love"--accepting a cash contribution for S.C.L.C. from Mrs. Moseler and her nephew. God doesn't want his work carried on by money from people living in INCEST; in Deuteronomy he condemns offerings from prostitution and instructs that a relationship such as theirs is incest, which is even worse! Sincerely, Mrs. W.J. Givan
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