Letter from Mrs. R. E. Rufenacht to MLK



Mrs. Rufenacht thanks Dr. King for his support of white workers who requested his help. She also encloses a contribution for the work of the SCLC.

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Letter from Mrs. R. E. Rufenacht to MLK
Saturday, February 24, 1968
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[Inserted Text in Left Margin: Underlined: Foundation] [Inserted Text: Feb[ruary] 24th 68] Dear Dr. King, I was deeply moved by your report on the organizing of cooperating with white workers who asked for your help. I think this is indeed an admirable example from every point of view, and with you success with all my heart. Would you please use 100 $ for these [Page 2] future organizations. I renew my yearly subscription for the work of the Southern Leadership. May you be truly inspired and guided in all you do, and remain truly Christian as always. Sincerely, [Closing Signature: A. Rufenacht]
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