Letter from MLK to Mrs. Joanne Baker


In this letter, Dr. King offers his instructions and a statement pertaining to the history of the "Negro Revolution of the 1960's," including a statement on the Watts and Harlem riots.

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Letter from MLK to Mrs. Joanne Baker
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Dear Miss Baker, Thank you for your cordial letter of January 12. In reference to your questions concerning the subject of your term paper ?A Study of the Basic Reasons for the Negro Revolution of the 1960?s, may I suggest you read ?Why We Can?t Wait? [Crossed out: by] under my authorship and ?The Abolitionists? by Howard Zenn. I am enclosing a statement [Crossed out: in] outlining my view on the riots in Watts and Harlem and how that approach is separate from our nonviolent approach to wit. Your wholesome concern for the welfare of the Freedom Movement is most heartening [and] appreciated. Sincerely MLK.
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