Letter From MLK to Mr. Berkowitz


Dr. King responds to a request for information regarding demonstrations in Montgomery.

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Letter From MLK to Mr. Berkowitz
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Dear Mr. Berkowitz, May I first extend my sincerest apology for not having answered your letter of april 28 sooner. Please know that it is not due to negligence, but the urgency of my duties [striked out text] in the civil rights struggle and an overcrowded schedule which often makes it impossible for me to respond to correspondence immediately. I have been hopefully behind in my mail ever since the Selma campaign and it seems as if getting caught up has become my Sisyphus stone. Due to the lateness of this letter, I am wondering if I can still be of assistance to you in your study of the student demonstrators [striked out: who] that participated in the demonstrations in Montgomery in March? Please know also that most of these persons [striked out: were an] were members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and not staff persons under the auspices of the SCLC. Your interest in the various dimensions of the Freedom Movement is [striked out:much] most appreciated. M.L.K.
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