Letter from Marshall C. Dandy to MLK



Marshall C. Dendy, the Executive Secretary of the Board of Christian Education, invites Dr. King to be a speaker for the organization's conference in Montreat. Dendy also suggests that Dr. King reconsider his stance on America's involvement in Vietnam, even though he also detests war.

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Letter from Marshall C. Dandy to MLK
Wednesday, April 5, 1967
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[Stamp in red ink: APR[IL] 7 1967 [Inserted text: S] [Underlined: Vietnam.] [Underlined: I cannot subscribe to the statement as reported in the Wall Street Journal of April 5, in which you are reported as having said that the United States is ?the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.?] [Underlined: I wish to take serious issue with you in your reported counsel to American youth to plead that they become conscientious objectors and] [Closing signature: Marshall C. Dendy]
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