Letter from Joe Cheru to MLK


Joe Cheru advises Dr. King to adopt a technique called "organized massive write-in." Using this method, he suggested that Dr. King could channel greater support from people who could not participate directly by being physically present for demonstrations.

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Letter from Joe Cheru to MLK
Tuesday, July 11, 1967
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July 11, 1967 Joe Chern 5301 Tonyawatha Trail Monona, Wis. 53716 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 332 Auburn Ave. N.E. Atlanta, Ga. 30303 Dear Sir, Expressing an opinion by demonstrating is very powerful, but, even though thousands may participate in a particular demonstration, this may represent only a fraction who had the same opinion ? but couldn?t participate directly. So that more may participate, I suggest you consider the technique I call ?organized massive write-in?. In this technique you would ask publically for people to write to their congressmen or President urging support of a particular opinion ? but to write the letters during a specific week or day. This may have the effect of flooding Washington with letters and may indicate magnitude. The technique could be used by itself or in conjunction with a demonstration. Urging you to continue your work, Joe Chern
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