Letter From Jimmy Williams to MLK



Jimmy Williams, a U.S. Air Force officer, writes Dr. King requesting assistance in protesting his unjust termination from Officers Training School.

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Letter From Jimmy Williams to MLK
Sunday, February 25, 1968
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25 Feb[ruary] 68 Dr[Doctor] Martin Luther King Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta, Georgia [Inserted text: 2-28-68] Dr. King, I am a serviceman presently assigned to Clark Air Force Base, Philippines. I am 24 years of age, a college graduate (B.S Mathematics) and a native of Arkansas. I am writing you for guidance. Before graduating from college in May 1965 I applied for officer training school assured that as an officer I could best serve my country. After joining the regular Air Force I was finally accepted one year later for OTS, class 67-B. July- Sept- 1966. During OTS I was confronted with hostility by a majority of my classmates which just happen to be 99% white. I was derated by instructors for a speech I made on South Africa's Apartheid Policy. There were many such incidents that eventually led to a climax. One day before graduation on September 13, 1966. I was eliminated. The reason for my elimination they said was academic deficiency. While in attendance at OTS I presented my plight to proper officials but it was ignored each time. Just recently I have requested a thorough investigation of the officer training school by my senator J.W Fulbright and threatened or warned him of a possible lawsuit if an investigation is not made of if an insufficient one is made. The experience I have related to you is a condensed version for it would take quite a bit of time and paper to explain every detail. What happened to me has probably happened many times past to others but I would like to bring to the attention of America and the world the gravity of racism that still exists in the United States. Could you offer guidance? Thank you, Timmy R. Williams
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