Letter from Jean Ward Wolff to MLK



Jean Ward Wolff expresses her concern about Dr. King turning his back on truth and justice in the form of supporting Adam Clayton Powell.

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Letter from Jean Ward Wolff to MLK
Thursday, February 9, 1967
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[Page 1] [Inserted in red ink: Powell] 1/9/67 Dear Reverend Martin Luther King, During all these hard years of Negro struggles and injustices- [Illegible] admirer your courage-and cheered and followed your leadership. You have been magnificent! But tonight-where I read you were turning your back on "Truth and Justice" by supporting Rep[resentative] Adam Clayton Powell. I was deeply shocked- This is [Underlined:MS:Illegible] [Underlined:MS:Illegible]- if I [hear?] [ever?] see it- the worst sin of all-[Underlined: Bias] How [can?] we ever have Peace between the races [un]till we first become [Underlined:honest] [Page 2 continued] human beings ourselves? This was your great chance to practice what you preach-- that [low] standards of human behavior are [Underlined:bad] for everyone and must [Illegible] be tolerated- Instead your prejudices won! A real disillusionment for us all- Very Sincerely, Jean Ward [Wolff?]
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