Letter from James Allen to MLK


James Allen expresses his opinion of the United States' involvement in Vietnam.

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Letter from James Allen to MLK
Wednesday, April 6, 1966
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1312 E[AST] 62 St Chicago 37, ILL[inois] April 6, 1966 [Inserted Text: file] Dear Sir: What I can't understand about the U.S. involvement in the Vietnamese war is: how can so many people in so many high offices can be stupid. I mean especially those in Washington, D. C. To name a few stupid people we can start with Dean Rusk, who made evasive statements to newsmen when asked to explain the crack up of the regime of general Ky. How could Rusk and the Far Eaastern [Eastern] diplomatic Corps have believed that general Ky, a murderer who likes to have people shot, who admires Hitler, and urges greater bombing of his homeland of Northern Vietnam, to be popular in Southern Vietnam? General Ky is the most hated man in South Vietnam. The people of South Vietnam have decided to end the slaughter and the destruction of their country. The ruling generals can only offer more war, more hardship, and a continuation of the humiliating U.S. [United States] military occupation of their country. [Closing Signature: James Allen]
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