Letter from J. V. Jones to MLK



J.V. Jones questions whether Dr. King's position on the Vietnam war is helping the black race because he believes otherwise. Jones also encloses a Walter Winchell article from the Los Angeles Harold Examiner.

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Letter from J. V. Jones to MLK
Thursday, December 7, 1967
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[Page 1] December 7, 1967 [Stamp in black ink: Received Dec[ember] 11, 1967] Dear Dr. King, We enclose a clipping from our Herald-Examiner of last evening taken from Walter Winchell's column for your perusal. Has it occurred to you that you [Underlined: could] be wrong in the course you are following? You are doing your race more harm than good, in my opinion. Sincerely [Closing Signature: Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Jones]
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