Letter from Georgia Miller to MLK



Georgia Miller informs Reverend Abernathy and Reverend Young that she can no longer contribute funds to the SCLC due to their support of the New Politics group.

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Letter from Georgia Miller to MLK
Monday, November 20, 1967
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[Page 1] [Stamp in red ink: Received Nov[ember] 20, 1967] Dear Sir: I was very disappointed to read that you, Rev[erend] A[ndrew] Young, and Rev[erend] R[alph] Abernathy have de-cided to throw in with the New Politics grouop. From [MS:illegible] newspaper accounts of their Chicago meeting (one was in a Negro newspaper), it is obvious that their orzanization is purely racist. I can not support such an organization anymore than I can support the KKK [Ku Klux Klan] or the Birch Society or the American Nazi party. Nor can I continue to support you or any other ad-herent to such a divisive movement. Perhaps your aim has changed, certainly your means have, whether of your own initiative or via brainwashing I cannot tell. I only know that I am pained to witness your withdrawal from the ranks of men of good will, and must myself withdraw my small financial support of SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] and civil rights movement in general. Sincerely yours [Closing Signature: Georgia A. Miller] [Page 2] Rev[erened] M[artin] L[uther] King Jr. Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta,GA 30304
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