Letter from Frank Clarke to MLK


Frank Clarke requests a letter of recommendation from Dr. King. Mr. Clarke seeks to obtain the position of the Assistant Press Secretary to the President.

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Letter from Frank Clarke to MLK
Tuesday, June 22, 1965
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[Stamped in blue ink: JUN[e] 24 1965] [Text in upper right hand margin: 6 Acton Circle Berkeley 2,Calif[ornia] June 22, 1965] Dear Martin: Haven't heard from you for some time. Why didn't you get in touch when you were here to preach at Grace Cathedral? Some people in Washington suggested I apply for the job of Assistant Press Secretary to the President. They informed me that Malcolm Kilduff retired and that the Press-Public Relations staff is seriously under-staffed. In addition they indicate that the President might be interested in someone with my talents particularly my knowledge of TV and radio. It would be appreciated if you would help me get this position. Any letter of recommendation you might send to the President should have a copy going to Hobart Taylor, Associate General Counsel to the President. He seems to be the closest Negro to Mr. Johnson. Thanks in advance, for whatever help you are able to give me. Your friend, Frank Clarke
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