Letter from Ernest Evans to MLK about Help


Ernest Evans is writing to Dr. King asking him to come by his home while he is visiting Chicago. Evans discusses the problems of his living conditions and the increase in the cost of living. He hopes that Dr. King will be able to bring about positive change for the community.

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Letter from Ernest Evans to MLK about Help
Wednesday, February 23, 1966
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[Stamp in red ink at top: Feb 28 1966] [Inserted text at top: Help] 2-23-66 Dr. Martin L. King Dear sir. May I say first that we are extremely glad to have you in Chicago in order that you may be able to bring about some of the problems that the peoples have been living with for so long. Dr. King I do not have to tell you what it is to live in a place where you have to fight rats to sleep look for roches [roaches] in your food. But you tell the peoples about it but nothing is ever done. And the landlord still going up with the rent. Dr. King sir I ask you will you please just make a stop at this address. 1400 So. Springfield. And I’m sure you will [Crossed out: w] know what I’m talking about. Thank you, Ernest Evans P.S. I live here and may God Bless you in your work and prayers.
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