Letter from Detroit Resident to MLK



The Detroit resident identifies the Negro man's concept of equality as being intertwined with the sexual exploitation of white women. The author references an article that cites the disparity in numbers of illegitimate children amongst blacks and white.

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Letter from Detroit Resident to MLK
Monday, November 21, 1966
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Detroit, Mich. 11-26-66 Reverend Sir: Why don't you tell the truth and reveal the fact that the negroes estimate of equality is to move himself and children into a white person's area so that it will not be considered a sin for his male children (often parents) to rape white females? I suggest that you obtain a copy of Police Comr [Commissioner] of Detroit's 1965 crime report. In front of me is a Detroit News page 23 of Illegitimate -- [Page #2] Children born in Detroit (1965) Total 4356 White 936 = 5.26% of total Negro Race 3420 = 26.49% of total Are you convinced that the negro is sex hungry? Could be that said evidence is THE reason that the white race says, LETS KEEP THE WHITE RACE WHITE; NOT-HALF BREED" Get wise BLACK RACE before a NATIONAL RIOT WIPES YOU OUT. - L Jonson (?)
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