Letter from Delight S. Gordon to MLK


Ms. Gordon urges Dr. King to use his influence as a great leader to persuade Negros not to condone the actions of Adam Clayton Powell.

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Letter from Delight S. Gordon to MLK
Monday, January 9, 1967
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Delray Beach, Fla. January 9, 1967 Dr. Martin Luther King Atlanta, Georgia Dear Sir, I have been shocked as I am sure you are at the flagrant misdeeds of Adam Clayton Powell - not because he is a Negro but because he is an American. For the good of your own people, among whom I have many dear faithful friends, do not urge them to condone his actions. As a leader, you have the great opportunity of giving good counsel, to make your people good citizens. Please do so. Yours truly, (Mrs.) Delight S. Gordon
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