Letter From Christine Heath to MLK


Ms. Christine Heath, a high school student, asks for information on how "Civil Disobedience," by Henry David Thoreau, has affected Dr. King.

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Letter From Christine Heath to MLK
Wednesday, March 20, 1968
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3210 Longview Drive, Killeen, Texas 76541 March 20, 1968 Dear Mr. King: I?m a student at Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas. Our senior classes are doing research themes; and my subject is ?How Thoreau?s ?Civil Disobedience? affects Martin Luther King.? If you can give me any information and examples on this topic, I would certainly appreciate it. If you have the time to do this for me, could you possibly have it back to me as soon as possible, since the report is due on april 8. Thank you ever so much, Miss Christine Heath
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