Letter from Cadet Jim Sutherland to MLK


This letter from Cadet Jim Sutherland to Dr. King request Dr. King send and autograph for the St. John's Military Academy autograph collection.

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Letter from Cadet Jim Sutherland to MLK
Monday, October 30, 1967
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St. Johns Military Academy Delafield, Wisconsin October 30, 1967 [Stamp in red ink: NOV[EMBER] 7 1967] Dear Mr.[Mister] King, Our class is presently working on an autograph collection project. No collection would be complete without your autograph. Please would you send me your [MS: Illegible] autograph, thank you. Yours truly, [Closing signature: Jim Sutherland] [Stamp in blue ink: MATERIAL SENT JAN[UARY] 30 1968]
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