Letter from Benjamin Newman, Jr. to MLK



Mr. Newman offers suggestions to Dr. King and Mr. Al Raby regarding voting registration in Chicago.

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Letter from Benjamin Newman, Jr. to MLK
Monday, August 8, 1966
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7255 S. Bennett Chicago, Illinois Telephone M1-3-3783 August 8, 1966 Dr. Martin Luther King Sponser SCLC 366 E. 47th Street Chicago, Illinois Dr King, Sir, I think you and the SCLC along with Mr. Baby and the [CCCO?] is both doing a wonderful job here in CHicago in you drive to help us gain our rights. I feel that you Dr. King has been heaven sent for this movement. I know that you are a busy man, but I hope that you will have time to glance over these few lines and they will give yo some of the encouragement I know you must need, because you are leading a hard struggle. But, deep down Dr. King, I know that God is with you and I do beleive we shall overcome. Dr. King, Mr. Raby, I know both of you are very busy people but I hope you can find time to read this suggestion and consider it. I will be as kind as possible. There has been a lot of talk lately about "Black Power." The phrase has been distorted and misused and never clearly understood. It is not my intention to try to place a meaning to the phrase "Black Power," but I believe the phrase can be placed to a meaning. The meaning, "unity," "voter rigistration," Black vote.' I believe a drive should be set up to try to seek out and register every eligilbe negro at the ones that are not registered. Lets get these people registered: get them out to the polls on theelection day and vote!!! Lets fight this political machine here in Chicago! Not only do we need a campaign to get the negro to use the power of the ballot, but many of our people who are voters don't know how to use his vote to his benefit. Let get these people to vote and teach them how to vote. Let place this kind of meaning on Black Power. The white power structure [crossedout: be] has become what it is become of the negro vote out of the grips of the white power structure and watch the political machine fall. It would take many pages for me to express my thoughts on this idea, however I wish it was possible I could have a minute to discuss this matter with you and Mr. Raby. I can be reached at the address and telephone number in the heading of this letter. Oh yes, I will be willing to help you in every way I possible can. I am not seeking publicity. Benjamin F. Newman Jr.
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